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Onehealthport is a platform that is utilised by healthcare professionals to make health and other related information accessible. It was started in 2002 and is based in Seattle, USA.  The sole aim of this port is to make the flow of information more accessible than earlier. This is a huge step in connecting the healthcare organisations and easing the workload of professionals while reducing the processing time of recipients.

What is OneHealthPort?

The operation of this platform is, however, a little unique. We say so because it is owned by and caters to the same group of people altogether. Yes, you read it right! OneHealthPort is owned and governed by professionals working in the field of healthcare, doctors, hospitals, and related institutions. They say that being owned and catering to the same lot makes them work harder and helps them achieve better exchange in the information.


How does it work?

Understanding the working of OneHealthPort is also easy. As per its website this port aims to make an entire array of health services better for people. This includes better patient care, healthier communities and inclusion in access to healthcare. They also partner with national organisations if they share common goals and as such, create a substantial impact on improving the healthcare scene.

The nature of this port is also very different. It can be referred to as a small business. This is because it charges recipients the lowest possible prices to cover its costs. As such, it is a for-Profit organisation. The website also claims that OneHealthPort connects providers and payers, along with public and private sectors. This is why OneHealthPort has something for everyone.

You might have heard of this port very recently, but as we’ve mentioned, it was started fifteen years back. Since then, it has covered about 75000 healthcare organisations. Moreover, this portal has gained so much ground that there take place about 50000 transactions at this platform every year. Is that amazing? Not only this but the portal has 100000 number of subscribers too.

How to Register?

Did we convince you of OneHealthPort’s legitimacy? So now you undoubtedly would like to go for registration, isn’t it? No worries, just follow the steps.

If you want to use OneHealthPort, then you need to be associated with a registered organisation. You also have to make sure that your organisation is not already registered. If the organisation that you work at is already registered, then you will have to contact them and locate the Administrator. After doing so, you have to ask him to nominate you as a subscriber. Once that is done, check the terms and conditions and you’re done.

If your organisation is not registered, then you certainly have some work to do. If you are the administrator, then you will also have to nominate yourself as a subscriber. Once your registration gets completed, then you will be able to choose other members of your organisation as subscribers. They will then be receiving the credentials. They will also have to accept the terms and conditions.

In order to register yourself navigate to the official website and click register. You will have to then give all your necessary details along with those of the organisation. You will also have to submit the TIN information of your organisation as well as the list of National Practitioner Identifiers. Then you will be able to create your profile successfully. However, the process doesn’t end here.

Go through the terms and conditions and accept them. After that, your verification process will begin for which some personal questions have to be answered. After this step, the administrator will receive a confirmation notification within 72 hours. When you click on the link provided, you will be able to set a password. This will be the green signal for the usage of your account. But before that, you will have to set up some security questions in case of password resets as well.


Apart from the single sign-on service, there are some additional services which if you are interested you can read about them on the official website. We understand that this article would not be able to cater to an enormous amount of questions that you might have. But don’t worry, go to the FAQ section of the website and you will be able to solve your query. There is also customer service is available and if at all you face further problems don’t hesitate to call them!

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