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Quickpayportal (www.quickpayportal.com): In the early days, patients used to deposit their money to the hospital by standing in the queue at the cash counter, It was one of the painful processes paying bills. It also requires more effort from them and during this process they face various problems like lots of paperwork, wasting time and money, being in a long queue, etc. But now we can thank technology, we live in a “now” society. We want everything as quickly as possible. One of the best examples is QuickPayPortal that gives – a fast, easy way to make a one-time payment in under two minutes by using their major credit and debit cards. It ensures that customers can check their information access they want to and enable them to pay bills in a limited period of time.  And this type of payment experience will make users opt for more advanced paperless features and it will improve customer satisfaction.

What is Quickpayportal?

QuickPayPortal is an online service for the benefits of patients which is an easy and simple medical bill payment service launched by AthenaHealth, an American branch which deals with the health-related issues and services. It gives patients a more flexible, efficient and easy way to pay all their medical bills which also means that patients can pay their bills faster than the normal process. The official website to reach there is www.quickpayportal.com which is very secure and safe. Here you can find information regarding any query you had. It will generate a bill for patient convenience and patients just need to visit the website to pay their bills.

All those peoples who are looking for the website to pay the medical bill of Athenahealth group than this web portal are recommended. You can easily pay it by using your email id and password.

quickpayportalFeatures of Quick pay portal

  • Patients can look for” Health and Wellness “search box link and type their required questions for the information.
  • To make it easy links are provided to get any information about the medical tests, symptoms and other things.
  • The patients can view their account information or medical test results in the patient portal link.
  • Patients can reschedule the appointments they booked if there is any change in their plan.
  • Users can check their payment history by tapping on the Billing tab. They need to click on Payments and then on view detail link.
  • Users can also choose their payment methods. It provides various modes of payment like credit/debit cards. You just need to fill out the card information or you can add your mode of payment also.
  • Patients can also view their insurance information under the My Profile Tab.
  • Users can also access to emergency number in case of any emergencies they are facing. Connect with healthcare support by dialing 911.

What is www.quickpayportal.com/quickpay code or Statement id / Access Code?

In order to use Athenahealth payment website i.e quickpayportal.com, you must have a Quickpayportal quickpay code or Statement id / Access code. Without this code, no one can process their payment online on this website. If you are not a registered user of athenanet.athenahealth.com then you will not get this id to access this website. So, first, you need to register on athenanet.athenahealth.com.

Quickpayportal login Method:

You can easily login at www.quickpayportal.com website with the help of access code or statement id. You need to follow the steps shown below to log in:

  • First of all, visit the official website i.e www.quickpayportal.com.
  • After that. you will see a box where you will be asked to enter Quickpay code or statement id or access code.
  • After submitting the quickpay code, you will have to click on “sign In” button.
  • Now, follow the instruction shown on the website to pay the bill.

Process to pay medical bills using www.quickpayportal.com:

Following steps are needed to be followed for paying the bills:

  • For the first time users, visit the website and enter the Quickpay code in the text box that comprises of 15 digits and then click on the sign-in button.
  • After this step, enter your personal information like name, address and a few other personal details and click on the Save button. Please enter the correct information of yours.
  • Now the user will be able to view their information such as the patient’s account number, their outstanding bills or due bills and statement date by tapping on the “Billing Tab”.
  • After that, click on the payment option. Now, pay your fees online by choosing your convenient mode of payment such as Debit card/Credit card or Net Banking.
  • Fill the correct payment details from your card and click on the payment option.
  • After all these steps, your bill will be paid online and after that, you will receive an acknowledgement slip.

Important things to be remembered while paying at Quick pay portal

  • QuickPay Code is necessary to access to its Portal website. To pay medical bills using this portal, you need to take the statement id from Athena health website. After that, log in by using QuickPay code.
  • Keep your account secure by always remembering the password by storing or writing it somewhere.
  • If you want to edit any details go to My Profile Tap to change it.
  • Once your account is activated make sure to log out from the account once you finish your work to keep it secure.
  • If you have any problems or issues regarding the portal, you can always contact Athena health about the same.
  • To understand it more properly it is advisable to go through the list of commonly asked questions.

Why is quickpayportal code not working?

Sometimes due to the internal error on the website the quickpayportal code not working. In that case, you must contact a provider’s office for troubleshooting of this issue. This issue can not be resolved over the phone so you must contact the provider’s office staff and tell about the problem you are facing.

How to access quickpayportal.com on Mobile to Pay Bills?

With the help of latest technology, Athenahealth has optimized the www.quickpayportal.com for mobile also. Now, One can make the payment without logging into the patient portal. By using the mobile version of quickpayportal, you can make medical bill payment anytime, anywhere.

Making a medical bill payment using quick pay portal Mobile website:

  1. First of all, you need to look at your medical statement and find the Quickpayportal quickly code.
quickpayportal quickpay code quickpayportal
quickpayportal quickpay code

2. Now, Open your Mobile browser (Chrome or Safari).

3. Enter the quickpay code from the statement, and then click on continue.

4. If you’d rather view the website in Spanish, select Espanol at the bottom.

5. quickpay portal quickpayportalNow, carefully review the bill details on the billing summary page. Click on “Pay Now” to pay the full amount due from your statement or click on manage your payment to make a partial payment. By clicking “Pay Now”, You agree to the Quickly Terms and Conditions.

6. On the Manage Your Payment page, enter the amount you want to pay. You’ will see the balance you have remaining. Tap Pay Now to make a partial payment, which we’ll apply to the oldest charges first.

quickpayportal mobile quickpayportal

7. On the Payment page, fill your credit card details and your Medical billing address. Tap Review Payment to continue.

8. After that,  check the details of your payment before submitting. If you’d like a receipt for your payment, enter your email address. Once you’re finished reviewing tap Submit Payment to make your payment.

9. The Payment Confirmation page describes the details of your payment. You’ll receive your receipt via email if you entered your email address. To log out of the QuickPay Portal, tap Sign out.

List of Health Organisation accepting payment through QuickpayPortal:

  1. Urology of Virginia  – https://www.urologyofva.net/
  2. Urgent Care Center – http://healthexpressuc.com/
  3. NEW Health – https://www.newhp.org/
  4. inSite Digestive Health Care – https://insitedigestive.com/
  5. Dermatology Treatments in Elberton and Lawrenceville, GA – https://georgiaderm.com/
  6. The Orthopedic Clinic – https://orthotoc.com/
  7. NorthWest Urology – https://www.nwurology.com/
  8. Urological Associates – http://www.urolassoc.com/
  9. Greater Boston Urology – https://greaterbostonurology.com/
  10. ENT Doctor Tampa – https://floridaentandallergy.com/
  11. Big Horn Hospital Association – https://www.bighornhospital.org/
  12. Foot & Ankle Partners of EL PASO – https://www.epfootandankle.com/
  13. Advanced Urgent Care – https://advurgent.com/
  14. Greenwood County Hospital – https://www.gwch.org/
  15. Southwest Gastroenterology Associates – https://southwestgi.com/
  16. St. John Health System | Ascension – https://healthcare.ascension.org/Billing/Oklahoma/OKTUL
  17. Complete Health Partner | Nashville Urgent Care – https://completehealthpartners.com/
  18. Platte River Medical Clinic – https://platterivermed.com/

If you are the user of Peryourhealth, Paymydoctor, and mywakehealth then read guide of all these portal on this website.

Many Health Organisation which accepting payment through quickpayportal will be updated soon, stay with us.

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